• Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Meat Sandwich

    Yo everyone. If you would all do me a small favor and pretend you’re reading this like 4 days ago, that would really help. Because I slacked hard enough that Nuntius disobeyed his monastery, broke his vow of silence and actually said something, it was to the effect of, “Update the site or I will shit in your coffee”. Since I prefer my coffee with a little cream, 1 sugar sans human excrement, here I am and here you are, so let us begin with a story…

    First, we’re still looking for some Clerics and Druids to join up. So, …

  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Immortal Corrupters

    Yo everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve had a real update here and don’t think for a second I didn’t hear about it everyday! Truth be told, there isn’t much to update you on – nothing interesting anyway. Since the Muramite Proving Grounds trial raids are totally janked, we’ve been spending our non-Anguish raid time in Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver, killing those guys again to get the ‘upgraded’ loot which is a lot like getting rid of hemorrhoids: Good for you but nobody wants to hear about it. So that’s what was happening. Now, let’s …

  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy

    Konnichiwa, bitches. This is our first real front page update in a while. Even though it’s 120° degrees in this room and there’s enough sweat on my ass to drown a camel, I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and give ya the tizight update. Holla at’cha boy.

    I’ve been slacking some since last update. If you’re surprised, go splash some cold water on your face and come back when you’re ready. Good? Okay. The Red Sox made the playoffs and they are being led by the EverQuest junkie that is Curt Schilling. Schilling is the living amalgamation …

  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Tacvi: Instanced For Her Pleasure

    First of all, folks, I think we can all agree we’re through with this uncreative tongue twisting naming system. It started slow, peaking around Vex Thal, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You’ve heard it all before and I’m just a redundant bastard but…it’s bad enough having to think about it when typing this business but you also have to train your fingers to go to these odd character combinations to get the names right. God forbid you make a typo on one of these words, you’ll have a gaggle of know-it-all-nazis racing to spell it correctly in …

  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Noq, Noq, Noqing On Txevu’s Door

    Summer is here and that means nothing, but I couldn’t figure out a better way to start this update. What’s in the news? Sadly, Ronald Reagan passed away. Never to be outdone, the Pepsi loving singer/songwriter/pianist/blind prodigy, Ray Charles had to ‘one-up’ Ronnie by dying only a few days later. I guess we know who was a closet Communist.

    Moving right along, the word on the street is our News author has moved on. Thankfully, she didn’t die like our beloved ex-president or Ray ‘Iron Curtain’ Charles. So I’ve been lucky enough to be granted the responsibility of updating the …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Uqua aka “OMG and Update” (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Apr 30, 2004 18:59

    Uqua.. the zone guilds love to hate. Pre-nerf Uqua was classed nearly impossible; killing a mob was a great achievement, killing a mob without a death was as good as instant uber status.

    Post-nerf the zone is manageable, the AEs can be dealt with, the mobs actually give you a chance and even though most of the loot so far has been average, the zone is at least now beatable.

    First on the menu, Tqiv Araxt the Enraged.

    With his fight being an anti-climax, we were pleasantly surprised with these tasty …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Two Feet Firmly Planted (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Mar 11, 2004 00:38

    Triality has jumped firmly into the Gates of Discord spending the majority of our time pushing ahead wherever possible. The Ikkinz one group trials and the limited number raids have been keeping us busy, along with the afore mentioned Kod’Taz and Yxtta mini bosses and ring events.

    The Ikkiz raids have proven to be fairly easy although the third raid trial was quite fun and interesting involving a situation that kept us thinking, and the fourth raid trial was just plain annoying.

    While the maps of the trials are less than …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    One Foot in the Gates of Discord (posted by Yackov)

    Originally posted by Yackov Feb 22, 2004 16:58

    Triality has been wipe-free in Plane of Time for months. We’ve gotten the plow down to one quick 5-6 hour day. Needless to say, the good loots in quick order is irresistible every week, but we’d been getting restless with little to do on off days. February 10 marked the release of Gates of Discord, though, and gave (is still giving) us plenty to keep busy.

    On the first day of GoD’s release we played with Zun Muram Votal, who looks like he could use an attitude adjustment:

    For a week or …