Current Guild & Project Information

Triality: Project Aradune

  1. Assuming the alias “Von Mega” for 6 months thinking as soon as the 2020 COVID lockdown was over we’d never play EverQuest again we started on aradune with a large group of Triality Legacy (FR) members, officers, and leaders looking to reconnect around something we all loved: Norrath.
    It took all of a week with working servers for us to realize that, despite being a much different environment than we are used to, this was not going to be a one hitter quitter. We decided it was time to raid under the Triality tag for the first time since 2013
Eye of Veeshan 2020

General Guild Info

Offering a different TLP Guild experience, we are originally from Vaz/Maelin/Drinal and follow a more conventional live-style guild. We are a performance raiding guild that strikes a unique balance between elitism and fun in our effort to produce bodies. We only carry a single raid roster and don’t particularly care for mass split korean lan-party raids, barring extreme cases (IE Raid-Progression, Vish Eyes, Epic Globes).

Raid Times

Our raid times are generally Tues, Wed, Thurs; 7pm EST until things are dead, depending on the expansion and amount of content we’re clearing this goes up or down. Sunday or Monday is added as a flex day as needed.


We are always looking for ambitious killers with high availability who work well in a team environment. We work well at integrating those who have not been a guild members for years into the team and are generally welcoming of new players, if they fit into our system. About half of our guild now is made up of Aradune players; the majority of which have been raiding with us since Classic/Velious.

Your character should have some baseline effort put into it and at least 400 aa’s of raid essential things. 

We don’t do applications; however you must reach out to Mega (Dalnoth), Rogean, Yarg, or Chow on discord via DM’s and have a conversation with us. We will make sure you’re a good fit and, assuming all goes well, you will receive a guild tag. You will raid as a trial member for 2 weeks, in most cases this is a formality. Barring you doing some insane wild shit or being 3 degrees of useless you will make full member if you receive a tag.

As a trial member, you can bid on any loot that drops. Although you might not win we encourage apps to gorge on all available gear.

After the two weeks are up, assuming you don’t threaten to burn my house down because you didn’t win a PoTime robe, you’ll be promoted to full member.

Loot Distribution

The loot system we use is called the Loot-Factor system. This is a hybrid system between Officer Council loot and DKP/Attendance. Although loot is leadership awarded, we track many data points including performance which are used to guide these decisions.

When you loot an item you are given points for looting it which stays with you for the next 56 days; The value of this item is generic based off where you loot it from.
I.E. Anguish = 21, OMM = 24, Vish = 24
This is used as an approximation of who’s gotten what.

So, how do we go about awarding loot?

Loot is awarded by officer discussion regarding multiple things as follows:  Attendance, Loot Factor, Loot Value of those items, Performance on raids, and overall use of the item, size of upgrade when upgrading from Raid loot to Raid loot going forward. (Bloodbath drops; Are there tenured rogues without a %Backstab dagger? We’re more likely to award it to the rogue without backstab mod assuming they meet attendance reqs and have been in the guild a bit). Those are the primary discussion points when awarding loot. In the event of highly contested items the following things are also taken into consideration: How contested the item is, How likely we are to see another one, Lifetime Raid Attendance, Seniority, Number of Guild First items/Exclusive/Special items the person has vs their time spent here.

We are NOT a DKP Guild

We have used this loot system since we began raiding in EQ and this will not change. If this is a point of contention for you, I suggest you look elsewhere. We are the only NON-DKP guild on Aradune.

Attendance is taken at raid start, every half-hour’sh of raiding after (depending on content) and raid end. Poll distribution may be different per expansion i.e. Plane of Time might only be 1/3 of the daily attendance logs to prevent people from logging in for Time Clear and nothing else. If you believe you were at a raid and missed the attendance logs DM for an attendance correction. Polls taken Before 7pm EST, or After 11:30pm EST are bonus polls and will be reflected as such from 11/23 onward.

To see your loot statistics you must go to and login using your discord account. After you have done this, select member page. It will display your loot statistics.

Brief explanation for the following data points:

ATT4W = Your 4 week attendance
ATT8W = Your 8 week attendance
LV = Loot Value; the raw value of items you have looted in the past 8 weeks.
LF = Loot Factor, the Value of the items you looted divided by your 4 week attendance