• Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Man’s Best Friend

    Greetings avid viewers! I’d like to welcome you to the latest edition of As Trialityguild.com Turns. I’d say As Triality Turns but as fate would have it, I’m not welcome in Everquest for 7 days. My name is Dalnoth, you might not remember me, but that doesn’t matter. Recently I started playing EverQuest and helping run the guild after about a two year hiatus. But that’s jibber jabber and what I’m here to talk about is a lot more serious. So get your serious-business face ready, put your Anti-Triality hats on and lets get ready to roll.

    Greetings, Adventurer:
    Your account has been found to have benefited from a nearly guild wide raid exploit. Per developers’ request and supplementary CS investigations, this has lead to a 7-8 day suspension of your account. Due to the nature of this exploit, any items gained through the exploit will also be removed. Please note that due to the severity of scope of the exploit, suspension reversals will not be considered in this case.
    Please keep in mind that bypassing intended content and lock out timers is an exploit of the game dynamics and continued use of these exploits could lead up to an account termination. Thank you for your cooperation when you return to game.
    Game Master Clemencius
    EverQuest/EverQuest 2/Star Wars Galaxies In-Game CSR
    Sony Online Entertainment, L.L.C.

    This is the email we all received tonight after having our collective guild suspended for 8 days. I’m sure everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat at this point; What could we have possibly done, that nobody else had done to warrant an 8 day suspension? Because obviously, if other guilds were doing it they would have been suspended too right? We begged the question and then we found out what we were suspended for.

    We were killing the Beast with our raid, then tanking his mate with alts and healing the tank with alts while he was at 0%, dropping the DZ on our mains and letting the alts eat the lockout.

    Here’s the first three things that come to mind immediately:

    • Is this against the rules? Yes
    • Were we the only ones doing this to raid events? No
    • Were we the only ones suspended for doing this? Yes

    The sheer semantics of this are mind boggling for the very reason that Triality isn’t the only guild doing this but, we seem to be the only guild getting punished for doing this. So for this very instance it seems at best, questionable; and at worst begrudging of SoE-staff to suspend our entire guild when other entire guilds are still online right now who have performed the same actions. For example:

    Crimson Tempest was in Pellucid Grotto for 3 and a half hours the other night zoning in/out. They are either the world’s worst Pellucid Grotto raiders or there was something fishy going on there. Considering a 4 year old in a Power Wheels could beat Pellucid Grotto, I think it’s pretty safe to assume they were doing the same exact thing we were.

    How many people have ever /DZadded or /Taskadded people into a group mission after dropping people who actually did the mission from it? Apparently that’s not an exploit and is completely intended to give someone credit for a task/mission they didn’t do.

    How many people here ever saw the literally-hundreds-of-people who ever did the same exact thing to farm Frostcrypt/Ashengate augs to this very day and nothing ever happened to them?

    How about the literally-hundreds-of-people who exploited Rallos Returns doing, literally, 10 times worse then what we were doing to the Beast; yet nothing ever happened to them?

    How about Crimson Tempest who kept a Kerafyrm add mez locked at the zone in to prevent Kerafyrm from respawning so every time they wipe, they can start off from the % that they wiped on ?

    Absolutely retarded. You mean to tell me, that the same thing happens for, literally, years upon years in Everquest; but you pick now…3+ years later to take disciplinary action in this manner? Not only did you take 3 years to do it, Sony, but you did it in a most biased form. The fact that it wasn’t even Customer Service that handed down the bans, but a Developer, just goes to show you the reason why Triality was the only guild suspended and why no other guilds were suspended as of 12:11am 4/28/2010 and no mass guild suspension/banning has been done since Sleeper’s Tomb (unless I’m wrong) when there have been so many other actions that were equal of, or more warranting of, CS disciplinary action.

    It seems to me everyone else can live around the margins and get away with it, but if Triality does something there is an epic scandal followed by everyone who has been stock piling hate on us for God knows how long, getting their jerk-off on whatever outlet you look at for Everquest forums. As much as I hate them lets take the New York Yankees as an example to display how this goes down.

    Yankees play at a higher level -> Yankees recruit/sign the good players from other Kansas City Royals-like teams through-out MLB -> Kansas City Royals-like teams hate the Yankees

    We have recruited from under-achieving shit-hole guilds not worth mentioning that reside under Triality/CT on Maelin and reside on Xegony in now the “top amazing best ever” raiding guild on the server; who keep in mind can’t kill a nerfed down Clicknar Queen for 2 weeks after it had it’s legs broke. Does anyone see a trend here? I certainly do.

    Trashbag guilds that can’t progress lose members to Triality -> Said guilds members have a knee jerk opinion that anything negative said about us is true and run with it from their infinite bitterness -> 4 years later, here we are.

    Anytime Triality is mentioned the collective hate squad, who live extremely fulfilling and pleasant lives, are there to meet the word ‘Triality’ with verbal feces in an attempt to bring us down.

    Triality raids at a level above. You can debate this all you want and throw knee jerk “Ur EXPLOITERZ LOL” after everything; but guess what? This isn’t Everquest Live and you can’t post that here. You have to actually read logic and face facts here instead of forming a circle jerk of ‘Triality hate’ around the Developer’s cookie for a game of “Loser Eats It”. What makes me think you are going to read it? We both know if you made it this far, you are way too obsessed with riding our dicks to stop now, so please, assume the position.

    You can’t argue fact. The fact is: Triality has legitimately killed/completed the last five expansions in a number 1, 2, or 3 fashion progression-wise dating back to PoR. We are currently the oldest raiding guild that stays at the top curve of competition dating back to a form date of 09/02. Stupid bullshit like this, among other shit; which has no baring at all on any of this guilds prior or present accomplishments and success, but haters take this as the perfect “straw-man” to make a cliche response to anything Triality. “ROFL EXPLOITURZ”. Which leads into my next segment: The majority of you line up on call to bash Triality for things because you are doing your best to try and keep the attention off you/your guild who most likely have done something WAY WORSE then what we did to earn this suspension.

    1.) The CT Kerafyrm Debacle.

    2.) Township Rebellion claimed they never buff blocked an event publically, however, their first Kerafyrm kill was the result of a buff block. Keep in mind that this wasn’t done to circumvent broken content; it was done because they couldn’t hack it.

    2a) Also using the buff block exploit to fell the mighty Kerafyrm was Raging Fury and Triton.

    3.) Realm of Who? Used the same Buff Block exploit to kill Brath before the fix went in for him. Yet we’re cheaters and exploiters (their member’s quotes). Just to give you an idea with the level of hypocrisy and childish rhetoric we are dealing with here. Not to mention (although I’m about to) how their first Queen kill was a result of a bug and they hadn’t legitimately killed her again: the Clicknar Queen despawns at 70% and gives you loot. I didn’t see any of you running to say, “Hey we didn’t beat this event! Don’t give us credit on Lavanet!” I didn’t see any of you running to not loot the chests that dropped from the event. I didn’t see any of you not rushing to Lucy to wave your collective penises in the air. Scouts honor; right?

    4.) In another dose of pure irony, Triality first heard about using ‘The Rock’ to dodge the Beast from…other guilds pointing their fingers at us. Ironically, the two guilds who did this (RoI and Machin Something), where we learned this from, actually killed the Beast before us using said exploit; and they have the most vocal trash talkers of Triality in public.

    5.) Machin Shit’s proud and Ivory Tower Crusading guild-leader Ronak received a cease and desist letter from former Lead GM-Vianaxis about his guild’s rampant use of Third Party/Hacking programs with a guild disbanding threat. Pulling corpses from PoTime graveyard to PoTime Phase 5 after a wipe anyone? It’s funny how Ronak turns a blind eye to such things until he received the C&D order from Sony, not even removing the abusers from his guild, but further enabling their contribution to his raid. So as I said earlier, it’s pretty comical to find things out like this. The biggest Triality haters are really just trying to “deflect” any kind of accusations/attention from their own guild.

    6.) Some guild not worth mentioning on Firiona Vie has a guild leader who is the biggest RMT proprietor in Everquest. The guild basically exists for him to RMT off of.

    I could go and on and on, but I won’t. Although I have a week to do nothing between 7-11pm and if people wanna keep the shit spinning, I’m ready to play Wheel of Fortune.

    Most importantly, why did I bring all this up? I brought all this up because frankly a lot of us are sick of reading exaggerated/baseless/spun claims/attacks on our guild and:

    A.) Being met with a knee-jerk reaction on EQlive when attempted to actually have a conversation with said people about the situation or an actual discussion/debate, coupled with a mentality that could rival only that of a 6 year old in a pack during kindergarten recess ridiculing one person.

    B.) Absolutely sick of being the Straw-Man for everyone’s guild to draw the attention away from the unsavory actions they’ve done.

    C.) Sick of unfair treatment from Sony Employees

    D.) Tired of reading finger pointing and ridicule from people who are in guilds that have definitely lived outside the margins before in raid content.

    Since I have yet to touch on Topic C, lets go there.

    Triality reports that a wipe mechanic in the Brath script didn’t work to SoE Development. We waited for a response for weeks…upon weeks. Finally after 3 weeks of these bugs going unaddressed and lack of anything else to do, we buff-block up and kill Brath. After 3 weeks of no communication, the fixes for the fight were on Test…2 days later. Or better in this case, The Beast lockout skipping (which is what resulted in our suspension), was reported at least 4 months ago and never patched in. It takes us having to actually do something, before it gets your attention.

    Look at it this way, it’s like locking a 100lb dog in a room with a door that has a circle door in it and feeding him 10 pounds of dog food. Then when the dog has to go the bathroom, he tries to get out of the door and can’t because the hole is too small, so he looks at you to fix the door. When you don’t fix the door, the dog shits on the rug, and then you get pissy with the dog and slap him off the nose and THEN fix the door. See what I’m saying?

    We did what we did, whatever. Nobody is debating if it was against the rules or not because it was; what we are debating is:

    A.) Why other guilds who did exactly what we did; didn’t receive disciplinary action other than the obvious reason is; somebody has it out for us or, you are making an example out of us.

    B.) Why now? People DZdodged Rallos Returns for literally almost a year before it was fixed, nothing happened. People DZdodge aug mobs in Frostcrypt/Ashengate to double farm, nothing happens. Triality DZDodges Beast raid, and the entire guild gets slapped with a 1 week suspension.

    Anyone see any unfair treatment here?

    Anyway I’m sure we’re going to see the refusal and denial that anything happened that I detailed in here from other Non-Exploiting, Fair-Playing, Ivory-Tower Sitting Everquest guilds, because as I said earlier; The Straw-Man technique is the most effective route to masking one’s own faults or passing the buck if you will. Nobodys perfect; even us, and you’re not any different.

    It’s with all this going on that I will present…

    The Q/A that will last at least 1 hour and be moderated/screened. If there is a question about Triality that you ever wanted to ask and get a straight answer to that wasn’t a knee-jerk 12 year old EQlive post response, please be there.

    Server: irc.rogean.com
    Port: 6667

    The channel will be moderated and you will get tossed for being a tool, besides; do you really need another public venue to shit up? You have the EQLive boards for that.

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  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Keep ’em Guessin’

    Yo ladies and gents. I’d like to take this brief interlude from our regularly scheduled front page updating to show off Triality’s latest appearance in the movie world. During The Buried Sea beta-testing, Triality was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the filming of a raid video to showcase the end zone Solteris, the Throne of Ro.

    The video can be found on the front page of http://eqplayers.station.sony.com and downloaded in a better resolution here!

    Triality would like to extend our deepest thanks to David “Nodyin” Ford for giving us this opportunity on top of coordinating everything and Ben Saret for doing such a great job at putting the video together. It was a pleasure and something very special to this guild. We hope to do it all over again. Thanks again guys!

    Originally posted by Dalnoth • Mar 03, 2007 11:32
  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Unified, the most forceful way to go.

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen! It is approximately 4:53 AM, I have been a gatherin’ and a croppin’ screenshots for the past 5 hours. Just ask Kela! As hardcore as I am I will not sleep until all of the website fanatics have something to read when you roll outta bed in a few hours. I know exactly how you all feel. When Quarken use to do the website I use to go to bed anticipating the next days (or what would turn out to be the next week’s after his slack) website update. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and racing downstairs to see what Santa left you under the tree. I can’t deny you that feeling, so lets get this party started.

    Recruitment Info
    Berserker: 1
    Druid: 1
    Bard: 1
    Necromancer: 1
    Shaman: 1

    That list is DYNAMIC. It will change based on our needs in the upcoming days. The one-three-three-seven information for you applicants before applying:

    1. Register with our website.
    2. View the Applications forum.
    3. Read the post by Orruar titled, “Before you apply read this“.
    4. Talk to either Orruar or me (Dalnoth) before posting an application.

    So, last time you heard from me Triality had just gotten access to Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance. Now, this zone is excellently designed. I just wish it had more content. It took us 5 days to reach the boss of the expansion Ayonae Ro.

    Now we’ve rolled up on this rather distressed looking bard. We helped repel Mayong’s lackies from her chapel and she is just crazy for some reason about performing with her choir again. So we get down there to find out well Ayonae’s gonna wreck us and on top of it this church-going choir is gonna help. From a lore perspective I am totally lost. I have no fucking clue why we are here or why this bard is completely insane trying to kill us after we helped her but hey, the events were fun. I’d much rather have fun and interesting content than amazing story lines that make sense and a bunch of Hive Queen-esque events. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the Hive Queen raid sucked royal asshole.

    We eventually beat her into submission, caught her off-guard, gave her the ol’ shocker treatment and trapped us a bard FOR ETERNITY!

    The only music she heard was the pimp hand being laid upon her pretty face. Its a good thing when we trapped her, her loots were in a well concealed treasure chest under her robe.

    A very nice job to everyone who logged on the Saturday of a holiday weekend at 4PM for the win.

    Now, I know your probably wondering what the rest of the zone was like and where is the news post for the rest of it. It’s coming now because we absolutely destroyed the 4 events in this zone in about 5 days. So you get the whole shebang in one action packed news post.

    The first event in Deathknell, The Tolling of Dissonant Bells, is also known as the Enforcer event. Basically you beat down some gargoyle’s while they try and reach this huge bell in the center of the tower to ring. If they ring it bad things happen like AE Death. After a couple attempts of strategizing we repelled the brutish gargoyle’s from the bell and advanced further into the the Tower of Dissonance.

    What gets my Gold Medal of Swordocity and Awesomeness this expansion is this second encounter in Deathknell, Vertigo. It is a perfect balance. You need some DPS, tanks, rogues/bards, crowd control and last but not least you need some healing. That is the recipe for a win on this event but it is not just the balance which makes it my favorite. There are not many things I can say I do in EverQuest besides sneak/hide and backstab that makes me feel like a rogue. The rogue aspect of this encounter certainly gave me a thrill and chance to feel like a rogue and not an automated backstab machine. It was good times. I wish there were more encounters like this one. Eventually we progressed to the bottom of the Vertigo and drove Mayong’s vampiric-like spawns back through the portal from which they came.

    I’m especially pissed off that I just lost an entire awesome paragraph here. So here is my best attempt to recreate it. Event #3, Unwelcome Guests, was nothing special; trust me. We won it. That’s all that matters.

    Well, that wraps up the Prophecy of Ro expansion for us. Unfortunately this does mean it will most likely be the last news post I write until the new expansion. While I’m relieved to have a break after knocking out another update not even 2 weeks after the previous one which took me 8 hours to piece together. However I must disappoint: there is no Rot In Hell. I’m sure I could find something to rant about or get Fishlip up on the scene. There is really nothing better than calling him because he’s late for raids. You think hes asleep then he picks up and goes, “You caught me at the most inopportune of times Scotty!”. Then this chick grabs the phone and goes, “Hey Scotty, I’m about to give my man a blow job can he call ya back?!”. We then proceeded to call him back around 2AM with about 20 people listening to his phone conversation through the magic that is the internet. He was ranting about how blue-raspberry sweet tarts are gonna give everyone cancer, that Scientology is the way of life and many other things. So if you want a Rot In Hell, talk to Fishlip about the blue-raspberry sweet tarts.

    I’m gonna take the opportunity, to use the what would be Rot In Hell space, to thank everyone who has been a part of Triality through out the years, allowing us to have the continued success in the end game that we do. What is so great about all this is that we all have a great time while achieving this success and that’s what makes this guild the place to be. It has truly been a pleasure and I would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in this making it possible. Don’t even think this is the end for me, I just needed to drop my regards for you all. You’ll be seeing plenty of me. Yeah, “I’m done, kid”.

    See you all next expansion!

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  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Suddenly…I feel so invincible!

    Greetings cholos and cholettes, I know this update is about a week late but there were mystical forces preventing me from writing this, I assure you. It was not pure unadulterated slackdom, which I’m sure you all are assuming. This update is action packed, with a lot going on around the world as well as Norrath. So, like always, I have a lot to say about these matters.

    Let’s talk recruiting first. We have a very full roster right now but do have room for a few skilled players. If any more slots open up I will update this list ASAP!

    Here’s what we are looking for:

    Berserker: 1
    Druid: 1 (Hatemongers need not apply)
    Bard: 1

    We are ones for tradition around here. So if you read our website with any consistency you would know that you have to do the following things before applying:

    1. Register with our website.
    2. View the Applications forum.
    3. Read the post by Orruar titled, “Before you apply read this“.
    4. Talk to either Orruar or me (Dalnoth) before posting an application.

    So last time we had an updateroo, we were finishing up Depths of Darkhollow and heading to tackle Prophecy of Ro hardcore. This expansion, as a whole, is pretty cool but there are some severe problems with it, that you’ll be hearing more of later. Let’s look at the positive right now. The Red Sox trounced the New York Skankies last night, we gave al-Qaeda’s #2 Islamic jihadist 1,000 pounds of American love and the guild as a whole is just as solid as the first time we dropped Overlord Mata Muram. Things couldn’t be better. With this new found momentum we made our way to Daosheen the Firstborn in search of a Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance key.

    Remember all those amazing times on Overlord Mata Muram, where one person’s retarded action could have 54 of you sitting at your bind spot for 40 minutes? Well, this fight takes that to a whole new level and you can’t even Fortitude tank him for 10 seconds and hope a ranger dispels his ass kicking buff. In fact, all you can do is bend over and read, “You have taken 100,000 points of damage. LOADING PLEASE WAIT…“. Aside from the debacle of clicking the crystals in the wrong order 3 times before getting it right, this fight gets the Dalnoth Seal of Awesomeness. Just to make you think a little, what would you do if you were colorblind? They should have put text on the side of the red crystal to torment colorblind people, “I’m The Blue Crystal”. We eventually overcame our own demise and dropped this lay down Sally with great haste, and in return he dropped great loots.

    Next up on the hit list is what is considered to be the Cockblockery of Deathknell access, which I disagree with for reasons other than difficulty. Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage is, without a doubt, the hardest of the ‘gatekeeper’ mobs this expansion, with a very unique mechanism never seen in end-game raiding before. I think it’s a pretty cool idea aside from the whole ‘one person can fuck your entire raid over‘ thing. Which, by the way, I think needs to be yesterday’s trend because, quite frankly, it’s getting old. When somebody fucks up, you know what it should do? Exactly what it does on hatchet: kill them. If you fuck up really bad you can kill other dumbasses not paying attention too. It’s a win/win situation really. Anyway, after slamming our heads against this script for a solid 3 days to only be killed by one low intelligence soul not paying attention, we revised our strategy and took the log to the beaver.

    She looks much better dead.

    I’d give you some awesome loot links if there were any.

    In honor of Sullon Zek’s ‘amazing’ loot, I’m inclined to present you with this screenshot.

    Alright, that’s 2 out of 3 of the gatekeepers of this expansion’s end-zone down for all you go-getters keeping track at home. I can give you one guess of where we heading next. If you guessed to Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek: You win the prize!

    While this encounter was certainly not the hardest, I had a lot of fun learning it and think it is one of the better raids created for this expansion. There’s not much to be told about this fight other than Suchun is Blazzax the Omnifiend in disguise. If you want to know what he looks like I’m sure you can find a picture of him from one of our 3 year old website updates. Suchun felt The Pimp Hand of God, as a wise stoned mage from the Rathe server once said; completing our Deathknell flag and showering us with fine wares!

    Suchun’s loots were 5 times what Sullon’s ‘Thuuli-esque‘ loots were.

    Triality is now flagged for this expansions end-zone.

    We are anxiously awaiting the next patch to tackle the challenges that wait for us in Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance. As you know us, we always have our eyes on the prize.

    Anyway, in the world that we call EverQuest, progression is the gossip on the street these days with Sony making the big announcement that they are releasing what is to be called the ‘Progression Server’. While I think this server is going to be fun, who the fuck cares about progression from 7 years ago? I want to talk about the here & the now: Prophecy of Ro. There are lots of good things about Prophecy of Ro, take the well designed raids for instance. However, one of the undebatable downfalls of this expansion is the horridly fractured and disjointed story line. They bounce from one obscene story arc to the next with no real regard for the other the story lines. I mean really, what does Mayong Mistmoore have to do with a giant green thing that has a gaping mouth with fangs for a head, a Blazzax the Omnifiend lookalike and Sullon Zek? I just don’t get it. Throw Ayonae Ro in there and now my head hurts.

    Aside from the atrocious story line, Prophecy of Ro boasts the most HORRID progression path since Shadows of Luclin, where cockblockery, training, and asshattery are all brought back. This is all in an effort to appeal to the whiny whores that are only happy if they are shitting on somebody else. A perfect example of this? Well, I don’t know how it is going to be after this patch but as of now, in order to get fully flagged for Deathknell, you need a piece of a staff off of this mob called Porthio the Second Born in Relic, the Artifact City. You’re probably thinking, “Well, Dalnoth, what is so bad about that? All keys require some kind of drop”. You are right. But what makes this an absolute brain fart on a designers part is the fact that the mob is a FIVE DAY respawn and drops SIX progression parts. To make matters even worse, Porthio is killable by Anguish level guilds and has tier 2 Demi-Plane loot on his loot table; focus effects and all. Not to mention he is required for a 10AC 90HP 10SV augmentation and he drops 1 of only 2 existing 190/160/160 augmentations in the game to date, making him a desirable farm target for end-game guilds who can kill him with 36 people. Coupled with the fact that Sony has packed 6 guilds, capable of killing this monstrosity, on at least 2 servers (Antonius Bayle and Maelin Starpyre), making it near impossible to fully flag your guild for Deathknell.

    Prophecy of Ro, you have officially earned a warm spot in my heart.

    Well, that’s all the fun filled action we have for you this evening. It’s officially 6:43 AM. I gotta get a few hours sleep before I need to be awake, conscious and functional. Until next time. Later, haters.

    Everyone wants to be like Mike.

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  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    People try to be the king but the ace is back.

    Yo everybody, I know what your thinking, “Dalnoth you are not Quarken Xired. What the hell are you doing?!” So to clear up some confusion, here is what is going down: Quarken has not been heard from in four weeks when he was supposed to update the front page. While we are pretty sure Nuntius took it up a notch, from threatening to use his coffee mug as a toilet, to mugging him in his sleep and tossing the body off the coast of Boston; we can’t be certain. Actually, that’s all a bunch of hogwash. Quarken is just on vacation right now but we have NEWS to report! Some month old news and some day old news. So, lets get rollin’. You know how it goes by now though. I’m not changing anything.

    *Recruitment removed – see latest News post.*

    Updated Jun 9, 2006

    As usual, you must first read the post titled “Before you apply read this” in our Application forums. After you read that and decide, “Hey that Fishlip guy may be crazy but he likes Walker Texas Ranger and I do too! Triality’s for me dood!”, your next job is to find Orruar or me (Dalnoth) in-game and send either of us a tell before you post on our lovely website. That’s right: TALK TO US BEFORE YOU APPLY.

    So, I mentioned something about having month old news to report but that’s getting stuffed to the bottom. Because, for the past couple weeks or so, we have been wrestlin’ with the Hulkster of Darkhollow himself, Mayong Mistmoore.

    After a multitude of attempts, Mayong taking several dives to 20,000 leagues under the z-axis and the obligatory Polar Kraken kill upon failure, prayers and vitamins would would prevail!

    You gained raid experience!
    The Demi-Plane of Blood is strangely silent. Though Mayong's body is unmoving, his presence can still be felt. His booming voice suddenly fills the halls of the Keep, coming from all directions.
    Mayong shouts, 'I told you that I would be the victor of this encounter, regardless of the outcome.'
    Mayong shouts, 'This is the sweetest victory I could have ever hoped for.'
    Mayong shouts, 'The focused devotion and attention you demonstrated have lent strength and credibility to my divinity.'
    Mayong shouts, 'You have unwittingly worshipped me, and you have martyred me.'
    Mayong shouts, 'And thus was borne a new era upon the world of Norrath. My era.'
    Mayong shouts, 'Let the world know that a new deity has joined the pantheon ... and his name is Mayong Mistmoore!'
    Mayong shouts, 'To your credit, you are exceptional beings.'
    Mayong shouts, 'Were you not so stubbornly opposed to all I stand for, you would have made welcome additions to my army of minions.'
    Mayong shouts, 'Perhaps we will cross paths again under different circumstances.'
    Mayong shouts, 'You would make fine immortals.'

    As a guild we have come a long ways from nearly disbanding in September to climbing back up and layin’ the ol’ stank down on Mayong, 7th serverwide. I’m not gonna type some War and Peace size shit giving you my analytical dissection of these encounters because that’s down right boring and I hate reading that shit on people’s websites. So here’s us ridin’ 54 niggas deep on Mayong’s turf. While 20 of them aren’t clerics, Grap counts for 20 people.

    As Goruna’s eyepatch would say, “Check that one fer’ booty!”

    Before there was Mayong, there was The Performer. This event is total badassery and we had a ton of fun learning it. There’s nothing that makes me more giddy than ANGERING THE MASTER by performing some of our quintet’s favorite hits. Seriously, this event is a work of brilliance. Eventually we finished our performance and there was much rejoicing.

    So that’s it. Expansion #10 is down and we set our eyes on #11: Prophecy of Ro. While we have been getting our feet steady in this expansion, we have not really applied ourselves yet.

    To get warmed up we rocked the dragons in Relic, the Artifact City, plus Porthio the Second Born as well as Legendary Berserker Bone droppers in The Devastation and Sverag, Stronghold of Rage to gain access to Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek. You’ll soon see some action from that front, no doubt.

    We also took a stroll into Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek and Daosheen the Firstborn‘s hood, testing the waters. So, with a whole new expansion awaiting us, we’ll be taking our momentum that way soon. As for now, we’re gonna make like this was Ninja Turtles 2 add a little Vanilla Ice in there and jiggle a bit.

    Adios, amigos.

    The Funnies

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  • Quarken Era (2004-2013)

    Chiggity Check 2-0-1-2

    Yo everyone. This is getting intense zomg! Orruar is cracking whips to crank out front page updates because we just can’t keep ourselves from whipping up brand new, never-before-seen Epic 2.0s

    So, hot off the presses we give you Dalnoth, in all his rogue glory, representing with the first ever Rogue Epic 2.0: Nightshade, Blade of Entropy

    Prathun & Dalnoth holding the 1st ever Rogue Epic Weapon 2.0

    So ya, for more game-wide first ever Epic 2.0s, keep coming back. Holla.

    As a reminder, we are recruiting:


    Updated Mar 15, 2005

    For the sake of consistency we’ll throw some of quotes at you. But it’s not really the [usual] quote section. Well, it’s kind of the [usual] quotes but just very short. Cut me some slack – these updates are coming at a fast pace. God damn overachievers.

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