Quarken Era (2004-2013)

Tacvi: Instanced For Her Pleasure

First of all, folks, I think we can all agree we’re through with this uncreative tongue twisting naming system. It started slow, peaking around Vex Thal, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You’ve heard it all before and I’m just a redundant bastard but…it’s bad enough having to think about it when typing this business but you also have to train your fingers to go to these odd character combinations to get the names right. God forbid you make a typo on one of these words, you’ll have a gaggle of know-it-all-nazis racing to spell it correctly in guild chat just to make you look like a silly goose.

Which is why I’m so happy we’re in Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver. You can almost say that word in English and have it sound natural! Oh ya, we’re in Tacvi now. Don’t you like how I just nonchalantly mentioned that? Truth is, I’m writing this just after we finished getting into Tacvi and I’m still jacked up from kicking Zun’Muram Tkarish Zyk‘s ass but I just wanted to sound like an egotistical bastard; mission accomplished.

On a serious note, we really are steamrolling content. We haven’t had any major setbacks yet and we’re running like a machine. A good machine too; not one of those shitty generic machines. But, as always, we need to be bigger, stronger and faster. So, if you’re a cleric and you meet our requirements, you should really think about dropping an application. We would love to have you! /smilez

Ok, let’s get down to the brown. Aside from mauling the assorted content that is in Txevu, Lair of the Elite (see below), we absolutely demolished Zun’Muram Tkarish Zyk tonight. Let me lay out the events of tonight with chronological pictures as a visual aid.

Our very first Tacvi kill! It was a touching moment. /sniff They grow up so fast. Zun’Muram Tkarish Zyk loots were:

I know we haven’t had a front page update in a while but we’ve been too busy tearing the ‘phonetically challenged’ zone that is Txevu into pieces. Let us show some Before & After pictures of some stuff we’ve killed as of late. As usual the After pictures are much more sexy.

Here’s some assorted shots of the loot we’ve gotten from Txevu and such. I kept it organized for a while…then I slacked. You can play some sort of matching game where you match the loots with the mob that drops it. Email me your answers and the first person to get them all right gets a big prize of absolutely nothing. May the best man win.

So that is all for now, I promise I’ll be putting better and more frequent updates up on here.

Now, this is the part of the update that I write something to take up space when I have nothing else to write. If you care, I’m going to complain about Almond Joys, the ‘candy bar’.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Like a kid in a candy store”? Of course you have. That expression can suck it because children are poor and the only thing I picture when I hear that is a depressed child surrounded by aisles of candy that he/she can’t buy. On the other hand, I’m rich and live a luxurious life. So when I went food shopping I happened upon the candy aisle and the little kid part of my brain kicked in and for no apparent reason, except for because I can, I bought a whole like 60 count box of Almond Joys. I don’t even like Almond Joys. It was just the first thing I saw and I had to have them. Not unlike that horrible expression, Almond Joys are deceitful and false when it comes to their name. They should be called, ‘Borderline FDA approved chocolate covering TWO fucking almonds swallowed in a sea of coconut…Joys’. Not only were these not Joyful but they were barely Almond. I’m pretty sure I have pancreatic cancer now because of ingesting these bastards. Try playing EverQuest all jacked up on AJs (that’s what we call them on the street: AJs. You gotta be down to know that). Your eyes will be the size of hubcaps and your leg(s) won’t stop shaking until you puke and pass out. I hated them but I couldn’t put them down. It’s the Devil’s candy, don’t give in. In conclusion:

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