Early Era (2002-2003)

One Foot in the Gates of Discord (posted by Yackov)

Originally posted by Yackov Feb 22, 2004 16:58

Triality has been wipe-free in Plane of Time for months. We’ve gotten the plow down to one quick 5-6 hour day. Needless to say, the good loots in quick order is irresistible every week, but we’d been getting restless with little to do on off days. February 10 marked the release of Gates of Discord, though, and gave (is still giving) us plenty to keep busy.

On the first day of GoD’s release we played with Zun Muram Votal, who looks like he could use an attitude adjustment:

For a week or so after that we aimed at flagging our guild for Kod`Taz, the zone that’s the hub for raiding progression for time-geared guilds. Since then, we’ve barely had an opportunity to play in the new zones as a guild. Some of the scripts are still a mystery, some are buggy, there’re some frightfully difficult raid instances.

Yxxta, off Kod`Taz, has this named which is a great example of what makes GoD enjoyable. A quick one-pass moderate-number raid yields a dead named:

It’s fun to rush headfirst into battle, not knowing what to expect because it’s new, seeing what new nuances enemies have to offer. She dropped these Plane of Time-ish loots.

They’re practically promising much better goodies in the end tier of this part of the game.

That sums up what we’ve gotten of GoD raid content so far: a sampling. We’ll have more screenshots and loot pics soon!

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