Early Era (2002-2003)

If bad puns and cringe comedy are your thing, look here for an in-era review at Shadows of Luclin and Planes of Power. These updates are a bit dated and not in the style or voice of what had become expected from the Triality front page. For archive purposes, here they are.

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Uqua aka “OMG and Update” (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Apr 30, 2004 18:59

    Uqua.. the zone guilds love to hate. Pre-nerf Uqua was classed nearly impossible; killing a mob was a great achievement, killing a mob without a death was as good as instant uber status.

    Post-nerf the zone is manageable, the AEs can be dealt with, the mobs actually give you a chance and even though most of the loot so far has been average, the zone is at least now beatable.

    First on the menu, Tqiv Araxt the Enraged.

    With his fight being an anti-climax, we were pleasantly surprised with these tasty …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Two Feet Firmly Planted (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Mar 11, 2004 00:38

    Triality has jumped firmly into the Gates of Discord spending the majority of our time pushing ahead wherever possible. The Ikkinz one group trials and the limited number raids have been keeping us busy, along with the afore mentioned Kod’Taz and Yxtta mini bosses and ring events.

    The Ikkiz raids have proven to be fairly easy although the third raid trial was quite fun and interesting involving a situation that kept us thinking, and the fourth raid trial was just plain annoying.

    While the maps of the trials are less than …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    One Foot in the Gates of Discord (posted by Yackov)

    Originally posted by Yackov Feb 22, 2004 16:58

    Triality has been wipe-free in Plane of Time for months. We’ve gotten the plow down to one quick 5-6 hour day. Needless to say, the good loots in quick order is irresistible every week, but we’d been getting restless with little to do on off days. February 10 marked the release of Gates of Discord, though, and gave (is still giving) us plenty to keep busy.

    On the first day of GoD’s release we played with Zun Muram Votal, who looks like he could use an attitude adjustment:

    For a week or …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Triality at its Best (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Jan 23, 2004 16:51
    (image thanks to Pikn)

    Congratulations Darkun on the Timeless Breastplate Mold, Majestry on the Shroud of Eternity, Grap on the Silver Hoop of Speed and Sepha on the Shawl of Eternal Forces!

    Phase 1
    Gevar – Pulsing Emerald Hoop
    Aeranae – Ring of Force
    Khareth – Ring of Force
    Zebedar – Ring of Force
    Naturalhealer – Mask of Conceptual Energy

    Phase 2
    Thynn – Tiny Jade Ring
    Armew – Cudgel of Wrecking
    Steepcrawl – Cloak of Ferocity
    Aarson – Tiny Jade Ring
    Lomiondil – Shield of the Vortex

    Phase 3
    Midasa …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Random Update (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Jan 14, 2004 23:33

    Triality is back up and running after a short break over the Christmas and New Years holiday. We started our new year with a 2 day flawless clearing of Time, and 5 days later did it again…. and then once again.. you get the idea.

    Phat Quarm Lootz have included:

    Shawl of Eternal Forces (Shortywiz) || Talisman of the Elements (Tiket & Bubbette)|| Bracer of the Inferno (Grinderroth) || Prismatic Ring of Resistance (Filya) || Wristband of Icy Vengeance (Armew) || Shroud of Eternity (Astaren) || Stone of Flowing Time (Cudly) …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Merry Christmas Triality!! (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Dec 23, 2003 23:45

    Everyone said it couldn’t be done. Triality kill Quarm before Christmas? Not possible!

    Very possible!

    Congratulations to Mierin on the Ethereal Silk Leggings, Dalnoth on the Hammer of the Timeweaver and Sepha on the Earring of Influxed Gravity!!

    The whole guild has put in a huge effort to get this far, with every single person giving it their all. Words fail to describe the huge sense of acomplishment so I will just let the pictures do the work.

    Other than paying Mr Quarm visits, we have been romping through the Plane …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Time for Time (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Nov 25, 2003 17:25

    After the excitement of killing Coirnav and making it to the Plane of Time, Triality has spent it’s time learning and exploring the zone. With that learning has come many deaths, but the deaths are more than paid for with the quality of the rewards. Even the Phase 1 loot is well worth the effort:

    Phase 2 of Time is much like Phase 1, but with, you guessed it, better loot!

    Phase 3 of Time is when the fun starts! Several waves of mobs + Named + Evil dying repeatedly = …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    Calamari and the Plane of Rolexes (posted by Yackov)

    Originally posted by Jackov on Nov 8, 2003 01:48

    We’ve had much going on lately, everybody wants to dance and sing! Since our most recent accomplishment took place in the Plane of Water, I think I’ll let a little ditty from “The Little Mermaid” say it:

    Under the sea, under the sea..
    Darling, it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter ..
    Take it from me.

    Under the sea, under the sea
    Under the sea, under the sea
    When the sardine begin the beguine
    It’s music to me.
    What do they got? A lotta sand…
    We got a hot crustacean band!

    Does …

  • Early Era (2002-2003)

    The Rathe Council of Twelve (posted by Adarii)

    Originally posted by Adarii on Nov 04, 2003 16:41

    So anyway, what has Triality been up to this week?

    That’s right, we’ve been paying the Rathe Council of Twelve a little visit. Having some cookies, learning the script, dying, coming back and laying some smack down… Who would have thought these twelve little Tiki Tiki men would have been so irritatingly annoying to deal with? These wooden soldiers that should all fall down on our command. Do they when we ask nicely? No! Do they when we ask again?

    It doesn’t seem so!

    The stress of this event is huge, …