Quarken Era (2004-2013)

Meat Sandwich

Yo everyone. If you would all do me a small favor and pretend you’re reading this like 4 days ago, that would really help. Because I slacked hard enough that Nuntius disobeyed his monastery, broke his vow of silence and actually said something, it was to the effect of, “Update the site or I will shit in your coffee”. Since I prefer my coffee with a little cream, 1 sugar sans human excrement, here I am and here you are, so let us begin with a story…

First, we’re still looking for some Clerics and Druids to join up. So, if you’re interested, send Orruar a tell in-game before your apply. Check our requirements in the Application section of our forums. Also, if your application is going to look like an excerpt from a 16 year old girl’s GeoCities blog – please don’t bother! Now, where were we…

Slack Level Alert: Yellow

Since it is 7:30 AM, I haven’t slept and I’m fresh out of cowboy killers, we’re going to skip straight to the end. The end of Gates of Discord, that is. We’re here to tell you we absolutely molested Tunat’Muram Cuu Vauax. We beat him so bad that we almost felt good about killing an event that should have been beatable 8 months ago.

8 months after

Here is his loot minus the 2 rhi-dick-you-less augments we got. I won’t even grace them with the fame and fortune that is sure to come after being featured on our prestigious website. Those augments have to be an oversight because even a chest clapping downy wouldn’t put MNK/BST on 1HS augment and not put MNK/BST on the 1HB augment intentionally. Right? Right?!

We’ve also been rampaging around in the Asylum of Anguish and grabbing up Epic 2.0s like they were Cross Colours in ’88. Shut up – you wore them. Don’t deny it. I mean, I didn’t wear them but you definitely did.

The Funny

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