Our Legacy

     Founded in 2002 by an ambitious group of people who were dissatisfied with their casual raiding experience. Originating on the highly competitive Vazaelle server which was home to reputable competitive raiding Traditions such as “In Virtue”, “Caer Cadarn”, and “Promethean Order”. Triality’s story, spanning 12 years, began with a steady climb from the bottom raiding low priority targets such as Velketor the Sorcerer and Lcea Katta with 40 people to years later stacking World First kills by the dozens.

     Along the way, Triality left its mark on the game as being the pioneers of post GoD Raiding; consistently turning out the highest functioning raid roster, finding new synergies to push our DPS numbers higher and routinely breaking the game for doing what was considered not possible, all the while maintaining the fun loving camaraderie that has produced lifelong friends and unforgettable moments that we will talk about forever. 

From tuning raid content, contributing to class design and balance, doing official promotional videos for expansion launches, donating our time and energy to help fix the game, to feuding with the developers over content that didn’t work and eating suspensions; We’ve done it all.

     In Between the active years of being a competitive raiding guild 2002-2013, there are virtually thousands of untold stories (I plan to make regular updates to this section, I assure you this is just the beginning) but for now, I leave you with our expansion rankings and a sincere thank you for your interest.

– Dal



Kill Rank By Expansion / Date

* Denotes Triality was forbidden from gathering information during the Beta test period
^ Denotes encounter was bugged/unbeatable and waiting for developer attention
Zone / EventDate DefeatedWorld Rank
Gates of Discord
Uqua - BarxtMay 15, 200419
Inktu'ta - NoquifelJune 7th, 20049
Txevu - Zun MuramJuly 30th, 20049
Tacvi - Tunat Muram ^Feb 2nd, 20052
Omens of War
MPG: AdaptationOct , 20051
MPG: CorruptionOct, 20051
MPG: EnduranceOct, 20051
MPG: ForesightOct, 20051
MPG: SpecializationOct, 20051
MPG: HateNov, 20052
Anguish - KeldovanOct 15th, 20042
Anguish - JelvanJan 12th, 20053
Anguish - Overlord Mata MuramJun 13th, 200510
Cleric Epic 2.0 - NaturalhealerNov 29th, 20041
Bard Epic 2.0 - MedaanDec 10th, 20041
Rogue Epic 2.0 - DalnothDec 21st, 20041
Dragons of Norrath
VishimtarJul 27th, 200526
Depths of Darkhollow
Queen SendaiiDec, 1st, 200527
Sanguimanus the Redfang
(Tier 1 completion)
Jan 27th, 20068
The Performer
(Tier 2 completion)
Mar 11th, 20067
Mayong MistmooreApr 26th, 20067
Prophecy of Ro
Sullon ZekMay 26th, 20069
Ayonae Ro^*Jun 16th, 20062
The Serpents Spine - Ashengate
VergalidSep 28th, 20067
StitchNov 19th, 200614
SothgarNov 21st, 200613
Dyn'LethNov 27th, 20069
LetharNov 29th, 20064
The Serpents Spine - Frostcrypt
Lorekeeper Udengar Oct 2nd, 20061
King OdeenOct 6th, 20061
Overwhelming NumbersOct 26th, 20061
Three BrothersOct 26th, 20061
Shadow SelvesOct 27th, 20061
Lorekeeper BentolfOct 27th, 20061
Hearol the TacticianOct 28th, 20061
Lorekeeper GrenwaldNov 2nd, 20061
The Overseer of the CryptguardNov 3rd, 20061
Wulfnor the GladiatorNov 3rd, 20061
Fridleif, Master WarcraftNov 3rd, 20061
Harfange the BlackNov 5th, 20061
Beltron the Shade KingNov 17th, 20061
The Serpents Spine - OverallNov 29th 20061
The Buried Sea
The SistersFeb 22nd, 20071
Aprosis, the Fourth ConfidantFeb 25th, 20071
Rear Guard Captain Balreth^Mar 21st, 20071
Astire, The Lunar EclipseMar 22nd, 20071
Irissa The Seer^Apr 2nd, 20071
Commodus, the Solar ConstructMay 9th, 20071
Two Gods^Jun 8th, 20071
Secrets of Faydwer- Meldrath's Mansion
Ralkor BloodmoonDec 28th, 20071
Bimbaclicus the SoulbleederDec 30th, 20071
BreaknekJan 1st, 20081
Tactical Prototype XXVIIJan 2nd, 20081
Seneschal Bargangle TinkersonJan 5th, 20081
KrondJan 13th, 20081
BrindaJan 13th, 20081
Meldrath the Malignant - SteamsuitedJan 17th, 20081
Secrets of Faydwer- Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
Halls of fireFeb 18th, 20081
Tjudawos the AncientFeb 18th, 20081
Keeper of the StonesFeb 20th, 20081
Kildrukaun the Ancient ProphetFeb 21st, 20081
Ice Constructs Feb 27th, 20081
Zeixshi`KarFeb 28th, 20081
Aerius Windfury Mar 3rd, 20081
Vyskudra^Apr 1st, 20081
Brood Mother VisziajApr 1st, 20081
Kerafyrm the AwakenedApr 2nd, 20081
Secrets of Faydwer: OverallApr 2nd, 20081
Seeds of Destruction
Kaesora's CouncilOct 26th, 20081
Kurn's FelbaneOct 26th, 20081
GanakOct 27th, 20081
BahgreshOct 29th, 20081
Crystalline TyranontOct 26th, 20081
The Brother's Zek^Nov 3rd, 20082
Eriak's DownfallNov 3rd, 20082
Rallos ReturnsNov 6th, 20081
The Fall of ToshirakkNov 8th, 20081
Venom Lord KsathraxNov 12th, 20081
Pallorax the Soul SlayerNov 12th, 20081
Mindshear AvatarNov 11th, 20081
MindblightDec 6th, 20081
Trophy RoomDec 6th, 20081
StasisDec 8th, 20081
ScryingDec 8th, 20081
Overlord Muram ^Dec 23rd, 20082
Edge of Destruction ^Dec 23rd, 20082
Seeds of Destruction: Dec 23rd, 20081
10th Anniversary Raids
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons!Spring 20091
MarathonSpring 20091
EnduranceSpring 20091
Battle Prowess ^^
Charm Exploit
Spring 2009#
SprintSpring 20091
Tier 1Spring 20101
Tier 2Spring 20103
Tier 3Spring 20103
Underfoot: Summer 20103
House of Thule*
Tier 2*Fall 20102
Tier 3*December 20101
Tier 4*December 20102
House of Thule:*2
Veil of Alaris*
Tier 3: Three Raids*December 20112
Tier 4: Eight Raids*Spring 20125
Reign of Fear*
Tier 1: Four Raids*Dec, 20127
Tier 2: Seven Raids*Dec, 20124
Triality had officially stopped competing at this point
Triality RetiresSept, 2013