Early Era (2002-2003)

Uqua aka “OMG and Update” (posted by Adarii)

Originally posted by Adarii on Apr 30, 2004 18:59

Uqua.. the zone guilds love to hate. Pre-nerf Uqua was classed nearly impossible; killing a mob was a great achievement, killing a mob without a death was as good as instant uber status.

Post-nerf the zone is manageable, the AEs can be dealt with, the mobs actually give you a chance and even though most of the loot so far has been average, the zone is at least now beatable.

First on the menu, Tqiv Araxt the Enraged.

With his fight being an anti-climax, we were pleasantly surprised with these tasty pieces of loot, as well as a couple of Taelosian Geomancy Stones

Congratulations to Rallron on a shiny new staff and Fenlaorn on the augment.

Next up, Tqiv Qukret the Furious.

Mr Furious yielded more Taelosian Geomancy Stones and this Ikkinz-like shield.

Other loot off these two has included +70 mana and +70 hp augments.

Once the two mini bosses were down, it was time to start hunting for Mr Bossman Barxt. This did not prove too difficult, although he had a few surprises to throw at us yet, including this lovely construct, who yielded a very nice mask in return for his death.

Are we there yet? Almost! At this point our lovely npc guide informed us that we had two choices. Win, or die, there was no retreat. Obviously the choice was simple, we must win.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be the case, with no foreknowledge of the encounter, we made a valiant and heartfelt effort but it was to no avail. Death took us and it was all over, this time.

Since Uqua makes the Plane of Time look like a kiddies playground, we decided to make Time more challenging, lets just say this unscheduled experiment was met with little enthusiasm although I’m sure the Bertox enjoyed the nibble on our corpses after we fell Cazic Thule. I give you Plane of Time – Triality Style !

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