Early Era (2002-2003)

Random Update (posted by Adarii)

Originally posted by Adarii on Jan 14, 2004 23:33

Triality is back up and running after a short break over the Christmas and New Years holiday. We started our new year with a 2 day flawless clearing of Time, and 5 days later did it again…. and then once again.. you get the idea.

Phat Quarm Lootz have included:

Shawl of Eternal Forces (Shortywiz) || Talisman of the Elements (Tiket & Bubbette)|| Bracer of the Inferno (Grinderroth) || Prismatic Ring of Resistance (Filya) || Wristband of Icy Vengeance (Armew) || Shroud of Eternity (Astaren) || Stone of Flowing Time (Cudly) || Whorl of Unnatural Forces (Orenth)

This time around we managed to finish the script and have Druzzil Ro wipe our memories. (ie, free port back to PoKnowledge)

What was I talking about again?

Various back-flagging raids have been on the agenda with The Rathe Council and Xegony dying smoothly as always. Xegony died in a super fast 27 minutes this time around, a new record for us, down from out last fastest kill of ~40 mins.

With PoP bosses being killed faster than they can spawn, the empty zones have seen us dabbling in some hard LDoN raids and although we have not yet successfully completed one, it will not be long before we do.

The places peoples’ minds go when fighting in a lag filled Plane of Water.


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