Early Era (2002-2003)

The Rathe Council of Twelve (posted by Adarii)

Originally posted by Adarii on Nov 04, 2003 16:41

So anyway, what has Triality been up to this week?

That’s right, we’ve been paying the Rathe Council of Twelve a little visit. Having some cookies, learning the script, dying, coming back and laying some smack down… Who would have thought these twelve little Tiki Tiki men would have been so irritatingly annoying to deal with? These wooden soldiers that should all fall down on our command. Do they when we ask nicely? No! Do they when we ask again?

It doesn’t seem so!

The stress of this event is huge, a raid full of people that need to be totally focused for the duration of the event. One tiny mistake, one resist, one break in concentration up and everything goes pear shaped and ugly. Fast.

It can unhinge people…

…..Especially the leaders!

Yeah…. So! Please excuse us! Once everyone’s brains were screwed back into place, and the medication administered, (or straitjacket in Evil’s case!) it’s amazing what happens!

That’s right folks, Triality has slain the Avatar of Earth! It was a gruelling effort of flawless teamwork with a liberal sprinkling of insanity that finally made it possible. The satisfaction and excitement of beating this event after only a few attempts was huge, and two excellent drops just put the icing on the cake.

Huge congratulations to Dextro on the Chestguard of Enchanted Marble and Evilgohanz on the Ring of Flowing Stones

We haven’t just been playing with the Rathe Council though, oh no! All the Elemental planes have come under our reign of terror. Plane of Earth has been particularly nice to us, thanks Mr Peregrin for two drums, we love you !

Plane of Earth B is also a new playground for us, although it’s a pity about the monotonous models, it kinda reminds me of somewhere, somewhere horrible, somewhere evil, thankfully I can’t quite bring the place to mind.

We continue to farm Plane of Fire and it’s God on a regular basis, Plane of Air and its God are also our bishes, unfortunately I don’t have all the loot screenshots of PoF and PoA, my dog ate them… Although, If I did this update would be about four times as long as it already is, so I’ll save you the agony.

Almost there!

After our last successful foray into LDoN raids, we went back for some more fun and games. It was a good run with another Glowing Ring of Eternal Slumber dropping and a few augments thrown in as well. These raids are definitely on farm status.

To finish, I leave you with some insights into the mind of Triality.

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