Early Era (2002-2003)

Triality at its Best (posted by Adarii)

Originally posted by Adarii on Jan 23, 2004 16:51
(image thanks to Pikn)

Congratulations Darkun on the Timeless Breastplate Mold, Majestry on the Shroud of Eternity, Grap on the Silver Hoop of Speed and Sepha on the Shawl of Eternal Forces!

Phase 1
Gevar – Pulsing Emerald Hoop
Aeranae – Ring of Force
Khareth – Ring of Force
Zebedar – Ring of Force
Naturalhealer – Mask of Conceptual Energy

Phase 2
Thynn – Tiny Jade Ring
Armew – Cudgel of Wrecking
Steepcrawl – Cloak of Ferocity
Aarson – Tiny Jade Ring
Lomiondil – Shield of the Vortex

Phase 3
Midasa – Faceguard of Frenzy
Zebedar – Timeless Coral Greatsword
Scryris – Necklace of Celestial Energy
Lendiwen – Elemental Leather Pant Pattern
Thalya – Elemental Leather Pant Pattern
Pandora – Elemental Chain Pant Pattern
Moelle – Necklace of Celestial Energy
Zebedar – Cloak of Wishes

Kerena – Leggings of Furious Might
Xyzruhl – Leggings of Furious Might
Tiket – Timeless Leather Tunic Pattern

Cazic Thule
Senytnomad – Timeless Silk Robe Pattern
Shortywiz – Zealot’s Spiked Bracer
Lomiondil – Wand of Impenetrable Force

Jarsace – Shroud of Survival
Dextro – Girdle of Stability
Nuntius – Gloves of Airy Mists

Rallos Zek
Aarson – Sandals of Empowerment
Lendias – Visor of the Berserker
Bzuk – Platinum Cloak of War

Tempeer – Edge of Eternity
Cudly – Runewarded Belt
Lomiondil – Gloves of the Unseen

Tallon Zek
Shylah – Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Aggiemarie – Circlet of Flowing Time
Kandrak – Hopebringer

Terris Thule
Aina – Cape of Endless Torment
Nuntius – Coif of Flowing Time
Seedlix – Hammer of Hours

Vallon Zek
Aarson – Cord of Potential
Kruze – Globe of Mystical Protection
Kerena – Temporal Chainmail Sleeves

(thanks Kandrak)

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