Quarken Era (2004-2013)

Swallow Up The Air And Earth

Yo everyone. Look at this: another front page update just 4 days later. That’s some sort of innernets anomaly. But don’t be scurred – it won’t happen again. Unless, of course, we take this pace of domination, mutilation and masturbation straight to the faces of these next events. In which case, there shall be more front page updates. Oh yes, more! For we have already felled two more foes within Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion.

The Battle Room event and its Tactical Prototype XXVII was where and who we went to see after that shitass Breakneck, Master at Arms event was down and done shit-stinking up the zone. God damn that event sucks. But, I gotta say, collectively, we really enjoyed the Battle Room event. It’s new, challenging and there is nothing cooler than giant robots. It is the unicorns & candy we were hoping for. Buuuut we got one loot. Fucking gnarly!

Risk vs. Reward unavailable for comment.

After that little breath-of-fresh-air of an event, which it really was, we took our huge throbbing testicles over to Seneschal Bargangle Tinkerson. Pause. Read the name again. Read it. Respect it. Love it. Proceed. Ballgargle Tinkletank has arguably the most buggy event we’ve come across in here yet. This is event is so bu-

With Delbert on our side, we blasted through the bugs and smashed Burglarize Tinklestank just to collect, yet again, one loot.

Zey do notzing.

So that be all fer now, me mateys. I’m sure we’ll put the screw to some more events shortly.
Until then…

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