Quarken Era (2004-2013)

The Apes of Wrath

Yo everyone. As I write this update, I am reminded of the fruitful insight that can only be provided by the internets. I’m searching for the words to properly express our crushing victories in Meldrath’s Magestic Mansion. For these words I must revert to our digital prophet, The Steamroller. And clearly, the residents of the Mansion are bad at behaving. So, who have we slathered with asphalt this time?

We rolled up on the Notorious M.E.G first. Just as we were about to inject a cannon full of clockwork Botox into that ugly ass mug, we were ambushed by Doctor ‘I Love It When You Call Me Big Brinda’ Sprockets. She was all romping around in her steampowered Rascal Powerchair™. We put the boots to this pig and collected our bounty. Since I am lacking a screenshot of the actual Brinda, here’s a very close approximation in the form of a Megaman 2 sprite instead.

We were so intoxicated with sheer power after putting the crush on the good doctor that we strolled up to el toro de sueño. Krond the Longhorn, as he’s known by the ladies, was having himself a nice siesta when we kicked open the blast doors and dropped a proton torpedo directly up his small exhaust port, killing him in less than 12 parsecs.

So that’s the latest. If you’re keeping score, you’ll notice we’ve put the clamps on everything in this zone aside from Meldrath himself. So you know where to be and who to be looking for (here and his Gnomish cadaver!). See you soon, don’t let your meat loaf…

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