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The Fabled Update

Yo everyone. I know what you’re thinking, “a website update without a 2 month lapse?!?” that’s right! EverQuest is morphing, Voltron-ing, if you will. It’s going to be an interesting few months from here on out with all the merging and purging. We’re going to have the opportunity to meet The Fabled Maelin Starpyre Server. That’ll be swell. I’m actually pretty excited about the merges, I wanna make some friends and gain party experience with them.

But forget that shit! Whats Triality been up to lately OH EM GEE!? We’ve been raping and rampaging as usual. And we’re currently recruiting some lucky Shamans to come and rape and rampage with us. We have a few requirements you should definitely read on our forums. Make sure you bust Orruar a tell in game before you apply. And If your application is going to look like an excerpt of a 16 year old girl’s GeoCities website, just don’t, please don’t.

Now for the real issue…

(Note: If you are easily offended by massive amounts vile language & vicious visual insults, you really shouldn’t read any further!)

I’ve been pretty tame lately, all these updates, with little to no angst. It feels unnatural. And while gasoline prices climb to nose bleeding levels, my engine is fueled by 103 octane, unrefined, pure, unadulterated rage. So I decided to pull the Rage Mobile into Brenlo’s Pump and Pay for a quick fill up. I’m about to get 50 miles per gallon on this shit. I’d say “Sit back and enjoy the ride” but that’s predictable and corny. So sit up and travel my journey with distaste and anguish.

For any cave dwellers out there, this is in reference to some issues with the announcement made by SoE about the server merges. Though what you’re about to read isn’t a representation of Triality, it surely is a representation of more than just my feelings.

There’s a lot of inconsistency and basic bullshit in your [Brenlo] post today on the EQlive blog you keep. One particular quote really pissed me off.

"So now I will talk a little about legacy and heritage, which is the other argument that keeps popping up. The legacy and heritage of EQ are not on some hardware that happened to have a name to make it easier to choose when logging in. The servers could just as easily been numbered. They are just hardware."
-GM Brenlo, March 2005

They certainly could have just been numbered, but they weren’t. Why? Because people wouldn’t feel any significance belonging (key word: belonging) to server #0012. But they do feel a better sense of community belonging to Solusek Ro, Veeshan or Vazaelle, for example. It’s like having pride in your city. Obviously you can’t keep the names of every server involved in each merge but you don’t need to be a fucking Nazi about the names, it’s insulting to all of us.

Regardless of people’s position on the name issue, it should have been our decision. We are the fucking community, not you. This effects us, not you. You really think the best option was to pick the peak prime time populations of the servers involved and grace the winner with it’s name? Seriously? You get fucking paid for those decisions? You aren’t afraid to shove a fucking poll in my face asking what fucking video card I use, you aren’t afraid to SPAM ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS EVERY FUCKING TIME I LOG IN TO BUY YOUR SUCK ASS DRAGONS OF NORRATH or your worthless advertising bullshit, magazine subscriptions every single time I logged in, but I can’t get a poll to seek my opinion on what I want my server to be named? It would be have been nice have just been given the option to throw my opinion in on how they are going to be named. I can’t count how many worthless polls I’ve answered in the past. Shove your excuses and logic up your fucking dick hole and piss them out on your pile of prime time population charts. I can’t believe you called our servers “just hardware” hah, ridiculous. You make bad decisions and you make great ones (I’m not just sucking your ass, you’ve done a lot of things I like) but I know, I know for a fact, that you’re aware the server names are more than a way to categorize hardware. Don’t insult us by belittling our feelings and basically tell us we’re delusional about our sense of community.

Which brings me to another point, read this closely. Stop passing the buck onto us for these merges. In your post you referred to the fact that we ‘petitioned, posted, emailed’ demanding these merges. That is definitely true. But you lay it out there as a way to say, “Hey, don’t act unhappy because you asked for it”. Well guess what? Not everybody did, now you’re hearing the other side of it. More importantly (you’re about to devour your own words) later, in the same god damn post, you said the merges were unavoidable and inevitable. So don’t act like you gave a shit or listened to our input because like you said, the shit was unavoidable. No matter how much we demanded it or not, it was going to happen anyway, because of your decision. Sometimes your decisions reflect our desires and sometimes they don’t. Nice try. Now we’re giving you our “valued input” heavily on your own forums and you keep shoving those copy/paste excuse up our asses. Don’t try to act like our input has anything to do with it, because when we actually have a chance to share our input (the name issue specifically) and you just close out our opinions and state your reasons. Sickens me. Prove me wrong.

There’s much, much better ways to name these servers, the best way is to make new names for each merge. How difficult is that? Want my a link to my PayPal? I’ll make you a list of 50 names you can choose from, all legit, in about 40 fucking seconds for 1/2000th of your yearly salary. When you have 1 server retain it’s name, the server(s) that lose their name not only feel a loss of identity and community, but they feel like invaders or outcasts on this new server. The people who didn’t lose a name have no change, except there’s all these new people cramping their shit. If you deny the fact that people feel server pride (because it’s just categorized hardware, right?) then why the fuck did you come up with the idea to add a suffix title representing their old server? That’s about as consistent as my shit after Taco Tuesday. Stop being lazy. Make a poll, make new names, do something to show us you give a shit. I heard you were considering a format like Maelin (Vazaelle)…that’s retarded, if that’s true stop it now. People need to be on the same playing field, they need to ‘start’ on even ground. They need to be a community, not a segregated population. No server should be keeping it’s original name, that much is clear, well, to all of us anyway.

For Vazaelle specifically, we’re pissed about losing our name to a fucking green server. A preferred, green server. You say they have higher prime time population and that’s why they are keeping the name. The difference, during prime time, I’m sure, is marginal at best. Did you consider that Vazaelle has a gigantic Euro/Asian/Aussie contingent that aren’t playing during your “prime time” hours? You need to make some changes there. It’s beyond ridiculous. Even people on Maelin are saying how ridiculous this is. This horrible decision hasn’t done anything except create animosity towards a server most of us don’t know shit about. Vazaelle is in a different situation than any of the other servers merging because we feel raped of our identity (like everyone else) but at least they get to lose their name to a dignified, tenured server. Not some green newbie playground of trial memberships and part-time World of Nocraft dropouts. Pack that with the rumors I’ve been hearing about the quality of their players, and you have a pissed off Vazaelle server.

"The legacy and heritage of EQ are not on some hardware that happened to have a name to make it easier to choose when logging in."
-GM Brenlo, March 2005

Hardware. You’re impossible. Hey Alan, I’m changing your name to Rufus. You shouldn’t care because your legacy, your heritage, your memories, your pride… it’s all within your heart and soul and your name is just a way to categorize you from the other non-Rufuses in society. Do something Rufus, we’re pissed.

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