Quarken Era (2004-2013)

Face Fisted

Yo everyone. I just typed a bunch of shit. A bunch of shit about events sucking and all that. I’m sick as a dog and I just took enough NyQuil™ to tranquilize an horny orca. So I’ll save the write-up for when we actually beat these piss poor events. What’s got me and 60 other people fired up and looking for blood answers right now? These servers are still going down like a Viet prostitute being handed a jar full of pennies. Another 3.5 hours completely wasted. That’s approximately 213.5 man hours. So, like clockwork (no pun there) the zone crashes at the peak of our raiding experience tonight. Just like Solteris always did. Naturally, I go to log back in and join in on the collective plight of my guildmates and the login servers are down!

No, not really. So, I decide to click the Scheduled Downtime link on the useless prompt (shown above) that you get when the login screen is locked in its chastity belt, just to make sure I wasn’t in the middle of some much needed scheduled maintenance, and the first thing I see on the page that loads is…

Buy some Legends of Norrath packs and get the fuck out of here, kid.

Sadly, no. I’m not. Douche bags.

Originally posted by qxx • Dec 30, 2007 22:06

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