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Bring Forth The Biledriver!

Yo everyone. It’s that time of the month again; time for a gnarly front page update. Only this update is extra-tubular because it comes after the release of the latest expansion, The Serpent’s Spine. So far TSS is pretty dope. No crazy alien bad guys or mysterious never before seen lore. We takin’ it back to the roots in this one, boy. Orcs, gnolls, kobolds, and even bixies are all up in this bad Larry. But with the good must come the bad. TSS is unlike any other expansion yet and as a public servant I feel it’s my obligation to remind everyone of the risks and dangers of TSS.

Now that you are all informed and taking the proper precautions, we can safely proceed with the infoz. But first, recruitment!

Bard: 1
Berserker: 1
Enchanter: 1
Monk: 1

Updated Oct 1, 2006

Now before you go and have sexual relations with the application process, you should know the proper courting procedures. And here they are:

  1. Get yourself familiar with the post in the Application section of our forums entitled, “Before you apply read this”. Get to know our application process before taking it to the next level.
  2. Contact Orruar or Dalnoth before you apply.
  3. Once they give you the thumbs up, you can drop an application, fella. But make it good. If it looks like your AOL Members biography, you’ll probably get skeeted on. Extra bonus points if you can get your Magelo link to actually link to your Magelo.

So far, we’ve been flowing through this expansion like an incontinence-powered burrito. We’ve already got a body count deeper than a Vietnam veteran, when it comes to new ‘raid’ targets. Unfortunately, half of them were lay down Sallys and frankly, there’s not much of anything to report about them.

So here’s the good stuff. We’ll start with Triality’s first of many game-wide firsts in The Serpent’s Spine: the lean, mean King Odeen. This little rascal pulled out all the tricks to prevent us from smashing his face into a pile of shit. I’m not going to give away any radical spoilers but if I had to sum up this fight with one picture, we’d have to revert to the supreme know-it-all of our youth…

Fuckin Toad, man. Why the hell was he in every castle anyway? Never understood that one. Well anyway, you probably want to see the loots and what not.

What a crybaby. Well, this encounter is pretty fun, pretty challenging. But with the help of prayers, vitamins and our pre-raid ritual, we were able to best this foe and move on. Loots from this big hunk ‘a beefcake were:

And the fruit of our labors? Being the 1st guild into Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King of course! So you know there will much more to talk about around this here internets campfire.

Also, in a most anti-climactic manner, we beat Vergalid too /slow clap. Poor Vergalid, always the bride’s maid never the bride. Here’s his 15 minutes of fame. After this, he’s gonna be the Gary Coleman of TSS; popular then, forgotten thereafter.

And his cry-myself-to-sleep loot drops were:

So that’s the good word around here. Now that we’re in Frostcrypt we’ll be dropping mobs faster than a baby born prematurely on prom night. See ya soon!

The Sad Cat of Serpent Spine’s message of the update.

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