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Originally posted by Quarken on June 14, 2005 1:45

Yo everyone. This is our first update since the big merge. Like anything, you’ll find different opinons about how it went down. Some good, some…

This is what we are recruiting:

Bard: 1-2
Beastlord: 1
Cleric: 1
Enchanter: 1
Necromancer: 1
Paladin: 1-2
Wizard: 2+

If you decide joining Triality is the thing for you, contact Orruar in game before you xfer, before you apply, basically before anything, you better send Orruar a tell. Read our requirements in the Application section of our forums, and try not to suck at EverQuest.

For me to say, “It’s been a while since our last update” would be the understatement of a generation and just plain not necessary. You may have noticed, I don’t usually update with anything unless it’s a fresh kill, a new kill. Telling you we killed X DoN dragon or Anguish mob(s) for the past couple months would have been boring and just plain silly. While we did do just that, we were also plotting, scheming and strategizing for the Don Mega of Discord: Overlord Mata’Muram:

I remember the first time we killed Arch Magus, and the room shook with that dramatic effect and everyone was like, “Ooooo Ahhhhhh Impressive” and we saw the unveiling of the Overlord, I can just picture all of us smiling, “Yay, we finally got to him, we can fight him and we’ll be like so happy with loots and oh this is great”. Wrong. It’s kind of sad, it’s like being a little kid at your first major league baseball game, getting there early, finding your favorite player during batting practice, going up to him and with your wide open innocent little kid eyes, you look up, smile slightly and nervously ask him for an autograph. Then he spits right in your fucking eye and slaps your mom on the ass. That’s pretty much how it felt since the day we first saw Mata’Muram. He wasn’t going down easy, but he was going the fuck down.

So, we knew we had some work ahead of us. Alright, we’re competent bunch of talented players. Fuck, we’ve gotten this far, at record speed; we should be ok /thumbs up. Let’s get a strat together and just execute this fucker. Not so fast. Flashback: Remember all those times, throughout your EQ experience, you’re like romping around NToV or some shit, and someone makes a bad pull and you wipe. Then you’re like, “Man we had enough healers, and tanks, a couple of slowers, wonder why we died.” You try and point fingers but it gets you nowhere because everyone was “doing their job” they were “paying attention” and “not afk”. Well, these types of situations have been plaguing guilds & experience groups in EverQuest for a lifetime. Never having solid evidence to accurately point those fingers was aggravating. Well, not to worry, Mata’Muram is pointing them for you, in a big fuckin way. It was like the “World’s Magic Tricks: Revealed” of EverQuest. You got to go behind the scenes and get to see who was really “doing their job”, “paying attention” and “not afk”. An encounter that defies the casual AFK, Mata’Muram was tailor made to challenge our band of adventurers.

We all worked together, night after night to make progress, to refine our skills, to unlearn what we have learned. The fight pushed our abilities, our tolerence of each other and our desire to piss and get drinks throughout the night to their very limits. But one man, one man stood by us….guided us…forced us and loved us enough to make our dreams come true. We needed his patience, his unfaltering will of determination to drive us to our goal. That man…is Orruar Lemmiwinks. Motivated by glory, pride and cockwavery, he would forever do his best to to keep our goal within sight and our spirits high:

The result of his guidance, our fear of his verbal lashings and being forced to kill the god damn Polar Kraken upon failure, would inevitably yield the unpossible!

We’re all stoked. This fight is pretty badass, it’s fun, I guess. A mix between luck and not being afk, it can get frustrating, there still needs to be some changes made to it, but whatever, I’m not getting my hopes up for that.


So here is the end of the update where I put the last month’s most prized moments to display our virtue and discipline. This is about 3 months worth because I’m good like that.

Adios for now, cholos.

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