Quarken Era (2004-2013)

Chiggity Check 2-0-1-2

Yo everyone. This is getting intense zomg! Orruar is cracking whips to crank out front page updates because we just can’t keep ourselves from whipping up brand new, never-before-seen Epic 2.0s

So, hot off the presses we give you Dalnoth, in all his rogue glory, representing with the first ever Rogue Epic 2.0: Nightshade, Blade of Entropy

Prathun & Dalnoth holding the 1st ever Rogue Epic Weapon 2.0

So ya, for more game-wide first ever Epic 2.0s, keep coming back. Holla.

As a reminder, we are recruiting:


Updated Mar 15, 2005

For the sake of consistency we’ll throw some of quotes at you. But it’s not really the [usual] quote section. Well, it’s kind of the [usual] quotes but just very short. Cut me some slack – these updates are coming at a fast pace. God damn overachievers.

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