Quarken Era (2004-2013)

To All the Killers and the $100 Dollar Billers


by Braelxx

I've been doing some thinking inspired by a story I read saying that one of the actresses in Slumdog Millionaire is being sold by her dad for 200,000 pounds (about $300k). After a little bit of math I worked out that the life of that 9 year old girl is worth 4,636,419,298 plat 2 gold 7 silver 6 copper. Now, there's probably ways to make this affordable, but I know an easier method. Using the universal truth that Chinese kids are worth less than Indian kids or practically anything else on the planet, I searched Google for the going rate on them. After a couple of minutes I found this article which says "pretty" Chinese girls can be bought for about 550 British pounds each. Right now the dollar to pound conversion is 1 pound=$1.4546 so 550 pounds is $800.03.

Why do I bring this up? Well, according to our front page we're currently recruiting 1 Bard, 2 Rogues, 2 Shaman, and 1 Wizard. Using the rate IGE sells plat of 25 million plat for $1750.83 and taking into account that we need 6 players, we should be able to buy 6 Chinese kids for $4800.18. This would also have the side benefit of giving us 6 players with raid attendance at or close to 100%. Anyways, a computer for each would also need factored into this cost. I'm sure we could get some EQ capable PC's for $650 each which would increase the cost for all 6 to $8700.18 or 1450.03 individually.

Now, using the IGE conversion rate, we could raise $8700.18 in guild funds for a mere 124,229,365 plat. Currently our roster has 69 active members which means if we were to each donate 1,800,425 plat, 5 gold, 7 silver, 9 copper we would be able to cover this fee and have those 6 positions permanently filled. Costs could be further reduced by selling rot loot for a couple of weeks rather than give it to alts. If you figure Korafax, FoS, Warrens, RCC, and Tosk all rot (minus fractured essences and flying mount) and we sold each item at 500k in order to raise funds, in a week we would be able to sell 30 items for 15 million plat. This is a bit over a 10% reduction in overall cost and would reduce each members share of the fund to 1,583,034 plat, 2 gold, 7 silver, 5 copper.

Finally, if you take the cost of each individual and expect them to repay our investment, each of our new "recruits" would owe us 18,204,894 plat. I'm not sure how much plat can be generated by farming for it specifically but I'll use the rate I gain plat of 10k an hour off Vald giants while I exp. If you take that rate and require 12 hours of farming a day, it would take 152 days for the plat investment to be repaid. If we continued to make them farm for one year, each of us would gain a 240% return on our initial investment, for an overall profit of 2,218,681 plat per person.

Anyways, I think this would be worth looking into in order to fill those empty slots. It's a workable way to gain 6 100% raiders, and over a year generate 2.2 million plat for every single member, which would be very useful when it comes to aug swaps, rank 2 spells early next expansion (we'll make a profit shortly before it's released), and so on.

Thoughts? Things I overlooked (such as food)?

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