Quarken Era (2004-2013)

The Sexiest Sexists

Yo everyone. While we take this expansion off-season to prep ourselves for the fun, excitement, cash & prizes that surely awaits us in Secrets of Faydwer, we still manage to find ways to prove that Triality has the biggest balls in the playground. Just when you thought we were the sexiest, hardest, most cunning adventurers you’d ever lay your worthless eyes on, we go and reinforce our position as The Don Megas of EverQuest by slaying the infamous Lord Nagafen. Lord Nagafen? You read that right but let me sexplain.

We’re still living in endless frustration. Sony can’t seem to keep an instance of Solteris from crashing long enough for us to complete a single fucking raid. Despite this, we still manage to gather up a full raid of stone cold killers every night. So we have to find something to do. And when we find ourselves in that position, there’s always Shrouds.

Triality (Shrouds) vs. Lord Nagafen
12.5MB .wmv format

Deththeme by Dethklok

“Female” EverQuest signatures be like…
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