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This Deli Tray Is Unacceptable

Yo everyone. Before we git goin’ let’s talk about recruiting some more. Look on our forums under the Application section for our requirements. If you feel like you meet those and wanna floss and fly with Triality, then you should go ahead and send Orruar a tell in game. After that, he’ll give you the top secret handshake and you’ll be on your way to a being the next American Idol. Currently, this is what we’re seeking:

Berserker: 1
Cleric: 1

Updated Apr 23, 2006

That list there changes when we fill or empty one of our luxurious positions. So keep checking back if we hate your class at the moment! You never know, soon we might love you.

Well, last we spoke, we had just killed Slipperyanus the Redfang and busted into tier 2 of the fabled Demi-Plane of Blood. Here’s a tier 2 spoiler you can feast on: Triality kicks the shit out of tier 2 Demi-Plane – more news at 10. The update here may seem a little vacant and that is because there is nothing to say about these events. This tier, so far, is chock full o’ lay down Sallys. I heard a lot of fuss and hog wash about the difficulty on some of these encounters. So I’m just gonna say this now; no analogies, no funny business: tier 2 is easy. Sorry we don’t need a 20 cleric complete heal chain for every mob. All the events are so self explanatory. They imitate Trial of Foresight’s and previous encounters’ dynamic pretty much all the time. So it’s nothing new. The events tell you exactly what you need to know to beat them. To have difficulty understanding them would mean you’re clinically retarded. If they got any more easy or obvious, the event would look like this:

So, let’s start with our most recent kill, Roley and Adrianna. We beat this event on our second attempt. This event is pretty cool and a bit different than the rest of the stuff in Demi-Plane. The best part is there’s no emotes, which is nice because half of the mobs in Demi-Plane look like ‘Other‘ spam to most of us and Entering The Guild Lobby…to the rest.

Devlin Rochester is next. We beat him pretty good in 4 attempts and haven’t had any trouble kicking his ass after that. The best part about this fight is the screenshot I got, look at that pelvic thrust. Simmer down ladies. This little slice of heaven is a fun fight. A bit too easy, but fun. The difficult portion is a little too random, so he can hand you your ass or lay down and take up the hoo-ha.

We also killed Tri Swallow III. We had a bit of difficulty putting this bitch in her place the first time. We got a little too bloodthirsty and made some incorrect judgement calls on how to ‘save’ her. This bitch has got some serious emotion issues; love me now, beat me later. Same old song and dance with these ladies.

So basically, 1 more encounter left til The Big Nasty Mayong Mistmoore himself. Being in tier 2 for only like 15 days, I’d say that’s pretty good. We’ll see how it goes. I hope I don’t sound too cocky writing this, because that isn’t the angle I’m going for, for once. But when you work to get to a certain point in this game, and then it turns out the fights are easy as this, it’s pretty much a let down. I hope The Performer kicks our asses for weeks, so when we finally beat him we’re all amped and shit. Tough to get that rewarding ” beating Mata Muram feeling” when you walk up to some encounter, slap it in the face and just straight eat it’s pudding. Know what I mean?

Now, if you read this a few hours ago when I published it, right about now you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, did this update just grow words and shit?” Ya, it did. I’m a talkative son of a gun and those empty, more-boring-than-ever 1 liners about the fights kept me up all night. So I came here to spam you more with hot info. I feel better and now I can go to sleep for 43 minutes.

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