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Originally posted by Quarken Jun 21, 2010 21:32   

Yo everyone. We’re working on a very intense, very amazing, probably long overdue website update. You’re probably asking yourself, “What makes it so intense and what’s taking so long to do it?”. And I’m probably asking myself, “Why aren’t I at AssParade.com right now?”. My friend, these questions are better left unasked and they are certainly better left unanswered because that would require me to think, type and not be at AssParade.com right now.

Tonight! Tonight is a special night. A very special night indeed. Tonight, we the denizens of Maelin Starpyre (more importantly the sexual dynamos of Triality) will be forcibly inserted into the digital cavity that is know to the world as: The Drinal Server. This gives the lonely, unwilling and confused citizens of The Drinal Server the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their skills, agility and skagility within the ranks of EverQuest’s Unoriginal Bad Boys: Triality. Basically what I’m prattling on about in order to make this update more than 1 sentence is…

If you are one of the following classes…
Updated: 7.28.10
Solid DPSers (Rogues & Berserkers)

If interested, please seek one of our eligible officers (Sepha, Hylea or Gilthanos) in-game and we’ll be sure to woo you into our strong, but safe, embrace.

In a serious tone, if I may: We’re looking for dedicated players that want to push to the end of Underfoot with us as quickly, efficiently and enjoyably as humanly possible. At this point in time, we’ve killed everything that’s killable (though you wouldn’t know since we haven’t had a website update since ‘Nam) and we need a few clutch players to join us in our campaign of pain.

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