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Originally posted by Quarken Jul 18, 2007 00:14   

Yo everyone. Just a brief update right now. Updates will be sparse until we get a new expansion to pounce all over. On the plus side, we’ve gotten corporate sponsorship from John Deere due to the amount of farming we’ll be doing in Solteris, Throne of Ro.

But for right now, we bring to you a gift. A new movie has been constructed reflecting our aforementioned activities in Solteris.

The movie’s soundtrack is helped along by two bands this time: The original scumdogs GWAR & the merry-time mastermind Andrew WK. We hope you enjoy.

Solteris, Throne of Ro
60 MB .wmv format

Hell Intro by GWAR
Take It Off by Andrew WK

Alot of people ask me various questions about what goes into these movies we put up on our site. So, I figured I’d share some infoz. Afterall, sharing is caring. To get a variety of footage, filming usually starts immediately upon entering the zone for the first time and goes on, every night, until the video is rendered and uploaded. As an example, pre-processed footage for the Solteris movie resulted in this much:

After going through every single piece of footage, frame by frame mostly, it gets “condensed” into this much:

Then it’s broken down into the proper categories:

And sent out to my team of expert Korean sweatshop animators. Did I say sweatshops? I meant happyshops.

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