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Dalnoth-People try to be the King, But the Ace is back.

Originally posted by Dalnoth on Thu Apr 27, 2006 15:45   

Yo Everybody, I know what your thinking, “Dalnoth you are not Quarken Xired. What the hell are you doing?!” So to clear up some confusion, here is what is going down. Quarken has not been heard from in 4 weeks, when he was suppose to update the website. While we are pretty sure Nuntius took it up a notch from threatning to use his coffee mug as a toilet to mugging him in his sleep and tossing the body off the cost of Boston, we can’t be certain. Actually, thats all a bunch of Hogwash. Quarken is just on vacation right now, but we have NEWS to report! Some month old news and some day old news, so lets get rollin’. You know how it goes by now though. I’m not changing anything.

– *Recruitment Removed – See newest news post*

As usual, you must first read the post titled “Before you apply read this” in our Application forums. After you read that and you decide “Hey that Fishlip guy may be crazy but he likes Walker Texas Ranger and I do too! Triality’s for me dood!”, your next job is to find Orruar or me (Dalnoth) in game and send either of us a tell before you post on our lovely website. Thats right, TALK TO US BEFORE YOU APPLY.

So I mentioned about having some month old news to report, but that’s getting stuffed to the bottom because for the past couple weeks or so, we have been wrestlin with the Hulkster of Darkhollow Himself, Mayong Mistmoore.

After a multitude of attempts, Mayong taking several dives to 20,000 leagues under the z-axis, and the obligatory Polar Kraken kill upon failure, prayers and vitamins would would prevail!

You gained raid experience!
The Demi-Plane of Blood is strangely silent. Though Mayong’s body is unmoving, his presence can still be felt. His booming voice suddenly fills the halls of the Keep, coming from all directions.
Mayong shouts, ‘I told you that I would be the victor of this encounter, regardless of the outcome.’
Mayong shouts, ‘This is the sweetest victory I could have ever hoped for.’
Mayong shouts, ‘The focused devotion and attention you demonstrated have lent strength and credibility to my divinity.’
Mayong shouts, ‘You have unwittingly worshipped me, and you have martyred me.’
Mayong shouts, ‘And thus was borne a new era upon the world of Norrath. My era.’
Mayong shouts, ‘Let the world know that a new deity has joined the pantheon … and his name is Mayong Mistmoore!’
Mayong shouts, ‘To your credit, you are exceptional beings.’
Mayong shouts, ‘Were you not so stubbornly opposed to all I stand for, you would have made welcome additions to my army of minions.’
Mayong shouts, ‘Perhaps we will cross paths again under different circumstances.’
Mayong shouts, ‘You would make fine immortals.’


As a guild we have come a long ways from nearly disbanding in September to climbing back up and layin the ol’ stank down on Mayong 7th serverwide. Im not gonna type some war and peace size shit giving you my analytical disection of these encounters, because that’s down right boring and I hate reading that shit on people’s websites. So here’s us ridin 54 niggas deep on Mayong’s turf. While 20 of them aren’t clerics, Grap counts for 20 people.

As Goruna’s Eyepatch would say, “Check that one fer’ booty!”

Before there was Mayong, there was The Performer, This event is total badasseryand had a ton of fun learning it. Theres nothing that makes me more giddy than ANGERING THE MASTER by performing some of our Quintet’s favorite hits. Seriously this event is a work of brilliance. Eventually we finished our performance and there was much rejoicing.

Forgotten Artist’s Mesh Tunic

Petrified Bone Girdle

Invocation of Death’s Shadow

So thats it. Expansion number 10 is down and we set our Eyes on Number 11 – Prophecy of Ro. While we have been getting our feet steady in this expansion, we have not really applied ourself yet. To get warmed up we rocked the dragons in relic + Porthio as well as “Bone Droppers” in Devastation and Sverag to gain access to Sullon’s Tower. You’ll soon see some action from that front no doubt. We also took a stroll into Suchun The Bloodwarden and Daosheen the firstborn’s hood testing the water. So with a whole new Expansion awaiting us we’ll be taking our momentum that way soon. As for now, we’re gonna make like this was Ninja turtles 2 add a little vanilla ice in there and giggle a bit. Adios Amigos.

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