Quarken Era (2004-2013)

The Blood Is Black And Hot

Yo everyone. I think we’ll start this update off with a little Show & Tell. There is nothing like a group activity to help us get to know each other a little bit better. And what is TrialityGuild.com if not a place to nurture sharing, caring and understanding:

So, what is that? In addition to the inspiring quote from one of the greatest assassins to ever live, that scrap of paper indicates the amount of times Commodus, Solar Construct and his roving band of solar-twinks smashed our crotch-kiwis into oblivion.

There are 54 marks on that piece of paper. Fifty. Four. To put that into perspective, we wiped to Overlord Mata Muram 22 times before finally capturing and delivering him to Jabba the Hutt and that was considered excessive. By the 22nd time, we were ready to throw our hands in the air and wave them like we just don’t care and just accept that Mata Muram had our number.

Going into the 6th event of Solteris, The Final Portal, the word on the street was nobody would be able to beat this event for at least 6 months. I don’t know what data went into that estimation, this is just what we were told by the powers that be. Now, if you know anything about us, you know we’re not going to sit on our asses waiting 6 months, doing nothing. So we did the only thing we could do at that point: throw ourselves into the jaws of an ‘unbeatable’ event enough times until we figured out a way to make it beatable.

It took us less than a month.

Click above for the full YTMND experience.

Because last night we went into Solteris, the Throne of Ro, walked up to Commodus and ate his lunch right out from under his fat fucking face, shanked him in the neck and threw him into the trunk of our ’64. With our gangsta lean in tact, we hit the three wheel motion and dumped his ass in the Quincy quarries. After trying and dying 53 times, it felt amazing to see this event finally defeated. We were so horny after the kill, we could have impregnated a slab of granite. True story.

One more event to go…

Updated on Jun 27, 2007: Thanks Zajeer & Merloc
(Click the image for the dev team’s YTMND clapback)

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