Our current recruitment needs change frequently and we always accept exceptional players who fit into our little corner of controlled chaos. If you are wanting to squad up, make sure to read our Aradune Guild Information and then DM -> Mega(Dalnoth) or Chow on discord.

Current High Needs:

We are always looking for ambitious killers with high availability who work well in a team environment. We work well at integrating into the team those who have not been guild members for years and are generally welcoming of new players, if they fit into our system. About half of our guild now is made up of Aradune players; the majority of which have been raiding with us since Classic/Velious.

Your character should have some baseline effort put into it and at least 500 aa’s of raid essential things.

We don’t do applications; however you must reach out to Mega (Dalnoth) or Chow on discord via DM’s and have a conversation with us. We will make sure you’re a good fit and, assuming all goes well, you will receive a guild tag. You will raid as a trial member for 2 weeks; in most cases this is a formality. Barring you doing some insane, wild shit or being 3 degrees of useless you will make full member if you receive a tag.

You can bid on any loot that drops. Although you might not win, we encourage apps to gorge on all available gear.

After the two weeks is up, assuming you don’t threaten to burn my house down because you didn’t win a PoTime robe, you’ll be promoted to full member.